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Eclipse Series No.1 60% Custom Luxury Mechanical Keyboard | Limited Editon 1 of 35

Eclipse Series No.1 60% Custom Luxury Mechanical Keyboard | Limited Editon 1 of 35

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The Eclipse series is a series of high-quality custom keyboards inspired by the Bakeneko designed by Kkatano. This is a gummy O ring mount design to provide a flexible typing experience and a poppy and high pitched clacky sound. Throughout this series, the keyboards will be made by different manufacturers to provide a more diverse range of keyboards. Many of these keyboards will feature limited edition or exclusive switches that are otherwise unobtainable. After all 35 of the Eclipse keyboards are made, they will only be obtainable on the aftermarket. 

Eclipse No.1 is a 60% Bakeneko60 made by Cannonkeys. Given this is a popular board, we wanted to see how well we can make this in terms of sound. After going through a rigorous sound tuning process, we have made this keyboard sound as close to a clack similar to the Vintage Cherry MX Browns as possible, but without the scratch. The result is a sharp sounding keyboard that resembles the classic cherry browns on alu sound. The Color theme of this keyboard is inspired by Scott Kim from Keybored. 


Keycaps: GPBT Pastel

Switches: Ceptify Snowfox V2

Stabilizers: Genuine Cherry Clip in/Snap in

Plate: Aftermarket Aluminum 

PCB: Cannonkeys DB60 Hotswap

Case: Cannonkeys Bakeneko 60 Sky Blue

Mounting Style: Modified O Ring Mount

O Ring Hardness: 50A

Mods: Thin Case Foam for Sound Tuning



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